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Day  Time    Group  Location
Mondays  6:00 pm  Brothers in Christ Living Faith Fellowship
   6:30 pm  Mauro Small Group 3218 Patterson Street
Tuesdays  6:30 pm  Koomen Small Group Living Faith Fellowship
   7:00 pm  Mason Small Group 1425 Devonridge Drive
Wednesdays  5:00 am  Men's Discipleship Living Faith Fellowship
   4:00 pm  Men's Discipleship / Mentoring Living Faith Fellowship
   6:30 pm  Midland Small Group 304 Sharp Road, Midland
Saturdays  8:00 am  Men's Bible Study Living Faith Fellowship



Why Small Groups?


Small groups are a place where we can form relationships.

At Living Faith Fellowship, we desire to lead people into a growing relationship with God, with each other and unbelievers, through Jesus Christ, into a loving Christian community.

The most important relationship is a personal relationship with our heavenly Father through His Son Jesus Christ, which is a vertical relationship.

Once the vertical relationship is established, the Lord desires His children to have good Horizontal relationships with other believers to bring balance into our lives.

The best horizontal relationships are commitments to live with others, and become connected with others in a basic Christian community in Small Groups.

So the church can once again become an irresistible Christian community where a person can: love and be loved, know and be known, serve and be served, and celebrate and be celebrated. Acts 2:41-47, Acts 20:18-21

Throughout Scripture we discover large-group worship always led to small-group communities.

The four main benefits to Small Groups are:

  1. Relationships: To develop a community through fellowship and accountability
  2. Ministering: Meeting physical, emotional and spiritual needs of our brothers and sisters.
  3. Equipping: To discover and exercise spiritual gifts and learn about Jesus Christ through Bible Study.
  4. Evangelism: To discover Christianity for those who are seeking; Small groups allow an informal comfortable setting, where people will be more willing to try.



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